"A New Light, A Sonic Tale" is a fan comic made by CrystalTheRenahog on DeviantArt. The story follows the normal cast of characters found in the Sonic games with the inclusion of characters from the Sonic Archie comic and Sonic cartoons such as "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic SATam".

The series is currently a sprite comic but the creator stated that she wishes for it to become an animated series. You can read the current pages on her DA account.


A New Light, A Sonic Tale centers around Sonic the Hedgehog, as he try's to find out the meaning to his odd dream. With his friends nearby, Sonic takes a step forward exploring old and new places to uncover the mystery behind the dream.

One day on their way to Angel Island Sonic had a dream warning him about a great evil and that he'll have to team up with an unlikely candidate to help save all of Mobius, Tails and Sonic got to Angel Island where they encountered a Metal Sonic which they easily defeated. Moving on to Knuckles's house they found Amy which shocked Sonic, Amy was the one who had made the Chili Dogs for everyone to enjoy.

After eating and inviting Amy along they headed back to the main land where they came across a swarm of BuzzBomber which shot them outta the sky,